Marketer Interviews

How do you find good content?

Julia Anishkina:

Using Google Power Search

Julia Anishkina

Business Development Manager at WOW-HOW

Neal Bloom:

A lot of twitter usage and following B2B influencers

Neal Bloom

Founder at Fresh Brewed Tech

Anthony Coppedge:

I use automation tools like IFTTT and Zapier to follow brands and people who I admire for great content and also leverage Twitter (using TweetDeck) to organize Lists into searchable columns at least once per week to see what's happening at the moment.

Anthony Coppedge

Agile Marketing Coach at Anthony Coppedge Consulting

Jonathan Payne:

Buzzsumo and aggregating blogs I like in Feedly. I'm also still really active on Twitter and think it has a great niche community for marketing. There are still plenty of people active there that give me inspiration.

Jonathan Payne

CEO and Founder at JP Digital

Jason Denny:

Good content to me has to: 1 - Answer my question. 2 - Be accurate and not guesswork. 3 - Have data behind it. Find the above is not always easy!

Jason Denny

Founder at Freelance PPC & Digital Marketing Consultant | Founder Kaffeine Digital

Lauren Downey:

Any content that is useful, entertaining, or creates discussion is good content.

Lauren Downey

Paid Search Specialist at Mad Fish Digital

Aleksandra Milovanov:

Researching, researching and researching :) And taking a look at what the competitors do.

Aleksandra Milovanov

Social Media Manager at Four Dots

Mark Miller:

Content is literally everywhere. Anything that happens has multiple aspects that can be written with a legal eye. From contract writing, to insurance defense aspects, to potential criminal charges being brought, even a simple deal between two large companies can be written up as new content that our clients can use on their sites, blogs, or social profiles

Mark Miller

Owner at Firm Theory

Adam Torkildson:


Adam Torkildson

Founder at Tork Media

Chandra Kumar:

keep reading and keep eliminating

Chandra Kumar

Founder & CEO at WiselyWise

Gee Ranasinha:

By exposing yourself to influences outside your sphere of knowledge and understanding. You don't have to read business and marketing blogs to get a better understanding of business or marketing. Often you can draw similarities from totally different topics. Absorb what interests you - whatever that may be.

Gee Ranasinha


Katie Hulan:

It's trial and error. I certainly have subscribed to content, only to find out it's...not good. I often go by recommendations from colleagues, peers, people on the public Slack groups I subscribe to or through the recommendations that come through the podcasts I listen to.

Katie Hulan

Marketing and Communications Manager at Indellient

Georgi Todorov:

They find me. It's different. They find on Upwork, Linkedin, through friends, slack groups, even Twitter and Facebook.

Georgi Todorov

Link Building & Blogger Outreach Specialist at NameDigitalNovas

Martin Quist:

Through Twitter and BuzzSumo mostly.

Martin Quist

Webb- & Social Media Manager at Frösunda Omsorg

Taru Bhargava:

Thankfully I'm surrounded by some amazing content creators across social media and communities and by virtue of it I'm blessed to discover noteworthy content each day.

Taru Bhargava

Content Marketing & SEO Specialist at Foundation Marketing

Annali Wallin:

By dedicating time to research and browse for new content and being open to new sources. Referrals from friends as well - nothing like classic WOM.

Annali Wallin

Marketing Manager & Customer Success Manager at Ocast

Dragan Berak:

Google search and newsletters.

Dragan Berak

SEO Consultant at dberak

Ayunda Zikrina:

By looking at what other brands creating (including our competitors) and try to create one for my brand, either following the same steps or create our own. I usually paid attention to how it relates with the company value.

Ayunda Zikrina

Social Media Specialist at Niagahoster

Alex Medick:

One of my favorite ways to find good content is through - a news curation website that emails news based on categories I choose on a daily basis. It's one of the best content sites out there. It's not meant for content curation, but it helps to get the wheels turning for great marketing content.

Alex Medick

Founder at The New Standard

Nikolay Terziev:

When you work what I do it's quite easy to find good content. I visit and discover interesting new sites. Often I get send cool links from friends or colleagues. However, what best works is to allow ads to appear in your feed and actually click on those of them that are really cool.

Nikolay Terziev


Martin Raamat:

By reading articles and following newsletters of creative people and entrepreneurs.

Martin Raamat

Co-Founder / CEO at Mediamodifier

Darren Foong:

Aptly for someone who works at ReferralCandy, I tend to come across good content when it's shared in conversations or forums. Asking someone for their favourite book or recommendation is a great way to find new books to read (and a person you could start asking is Ryan Holiday or Siquan Ong). For movies, I triangulate between RottenTomatoes, R/Movies and Wikipedia. If the plot seems terrible when I spoil myself via Wiki, then it might not be worth watching. Yes; I spoil the endings of movies and books. If your movie relies only on a twist or a surprise to succeed then it might not be worth watching twice.

Darren Foong

Growth Marketing at ReferralCandy

Alexander Sumin:

Define good content. There's this weird thing about content as if we all need to do it for no reason what so ever other than - having content. To me, good content is that type of content that serves a particular purpose and does so, well. So if I want to rank for particular keywords, good content would be a piece on that topic that is high quality, gets traction and helps me rank higher.

Alexander Sumin

Chief Marketing Officer at ClaimCompass

Kelly Ann Collins:

I'm always on the lookout. But, if there is a specific topic I want to research I do a search on social media first for insights on what people are saying, what's performing well and what's not.

Kelly Ann Collins

CEO at Vult Lab