Marketer Interviews

What are your favorite books?

Julia Anishkina:

Everything Is Negotiable by Gavin Kennedy, Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, etc.

Julia Anishkina

Business Development Manager at WOW-HOW

Neal Bloom:

Audiobooks, mostly biographies of other entrepreneurs

Neal Bloom

Founder at Fresh Brewed Tech

Anthony Coppedge:

A few of my favorite books that influenced me as a marketer are: Scary Close by Donald Miller A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller Death of a Marketer by Andrea Fryrear The Agile Marketer by Roland Smart Switch on Your Brain by Caroline Leaf Purple Cow by Seth Godin Permission Marketing by Seth Godin The Challenger Customer by Brent Adamson and Matthew Dixon

Anthony Coppedge

Agile Marketing Coach at Anthony Coppedge Consulting

Jonathan Payne:

The E-Myth Known by Mark Schaefer Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields Into The Wild :)

Jonathan Payne

CEO and Founder at JP Digital

Jason Denny:

I love Roman history so you will always find a good series book in my hand be it Simon Scarrow, Anthony Riches or Robert Fabbri (to name a few). A few industry books i would recommend are: I Don't Work Fridays - Martin Norbury 24 Assets - Daniel Priestly Big Ideas for Small Businesses - John Lamerton Profit First - Mike Michalowicz

Jason Denny

Founder at Freelance PPC & Digital Marketing Consultant | Founder Kaffeine Digital

Lauren Downey:

My favorite marketing books include Traction, Rework, Marketing by Intercom, and anything by Seth Godin.

Lauren Downey

Paid Search Specialist at Mad Fish Digital

Aleksandra Milovanov:

Not a book fan.

Aleksandra Milovanov

Social Media Manager at Four Dots

Mark Miller:

I'm a big fan of science fiction and alternative history. Seeing how people envision the future, or how one small change could have a huge influence on how things might have turned out is just fun. It also gives insight into the way that people look at the world. One person sees misery where another sees hope. It's all a matter of perspective. I find that those insights help me see things in other perspectives and allow me to change the way I look at the problems I'm tackling.

Mark Miller

Owner at Firm Theory

Adam Torkildson:

Sci fi and Fantasy.

Adam Torkildson

Founder at Tork Media

Chandra Kumar:

Congo,the DaVinci Code, George Washington

Chandra Kumar

Founder & CEO at WiselyWise

Gee Ranasinha:

I'm a voracious reader - I read perhaps 3 books per month. Here are some favorites related to marketing (I figured you wouldn't be interested in my preferences regarding fiction, biographies, etc): Everybody lies - Seth Stephens Davidowitz Factfulness - Hans Rosling Predatory Thinking - Dave Trott The Four - Scott Galloway Rework - Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson Mindset - Carol Dweck How Brands Grow - Byron Sharp To Sell is Human - Daniel H. Pink The Win Without Pitching Manifesto - Blair Enns The Obstacle Is The Way - Ryan Holiday The Choice Factory - Richard Shotton Thinking Fast & Slow - Daniel Kahneman Pre-Suasion - Robert Cialdini

Gee Ranasinha


Katie Hulan:

I'm a non-fiction fan which likely has led to my preference for business and self-help type books like How F***ed Up is Your Management, Intercom's Book, Resilience and The Fire Starter Sessions.

Katie Hulan

Marketing and Communications Manager at Indellient