Marketer Interviews

What CRM tools do you use?

Julia Anishkina:


Julia Anishkina

Business Development Manager at WOW-HOW

Neal Bloom:


Neal Bloom

Founder at Fresh Brewed Tech

Anthony Coppedge:

Mostly Salesforce.

Anthony Coppedge

Agile Marketing Coach at Anthony Coppedge Consulting

Jonathan Payne:

HubSpot primarily.

Jonathan Payne

CEO and Founder at JP Digital

Mark Miller:

We have dashboards set up for our clients through Grow. They allow us to give clients a real-time look at how their digital marketing efforts are working. We do also provide either monthly or quarterly reviews where we highlight what work was done and what effect it had on the site traffic and incoming calls.

Mark Miller

Owner at Firm Theory

Chandra Kumar:

zoho crm

Chandra Kumar

Founder & CEO at WiselyWise

Gee Ranasinha:

Depends on the client, business, industry, audience profile - and probably 101 other things. The business goal should determine the choice of tool - not the other way around.

Gee Ranasinha


Katie Hulan:


Katie Hulan

Marketing and Communications Manager at Indellient

Georgi Todorov:


Georgi Todorov

Link Building & Blogger Outreach Specialist at NameDigitalNovas

Taru Bhargava:

None at the moment. But have used Hubspot extensively in the past.

Taru Bhargava

Content Marketing & SEO Specialist at Foundation Marketing

Annali Wallin:


Annali Wallin

Marketing Manager & Customer Success Manager at Ocast

Dragan Berak:


Dragan Berak

SEO Consultant at dberak

Alex Medick:

I use one main CRM tool - Hubspot.

Alex Medick

Founder at The New Standard

Nikolay Terziev:

We have a custom build CRM.

Nikolay Terziev


Martin Raamat:

The CRM features of Mailchimp.

Martin Raamat

Co-Founder / CEO at Mediamodifier

Darren Foong:


Darren Foong

Growth Marketing at ReferralCandy

Alexander Sumin:

A big chunk of our back-end product is actually a custom quasi-CRM that we've built, so we don't use anything external.

Alexander Sumin

Chief Marketing Officer at ClaimCompass

Kelly Ann Collins:

My favorite: Salesforce (with WealthEngine integration)!

Kelly Ann Collins

CEO at Vult Lab