Marketer Interviews

What is your favorite marketing area? (Social, SEO, Sales etc.)?

Julia Anishkina:

My favorite marketing area is Sales. Everyday there are challenges. Everyday there are setbacks. Everyday there are failures. And everyday, there are successes. Challenges of our clients are mine. I might not have all the answers when we start our journey, but I'm going to throw myself off the cliff in search of those truths.

Julia Anishkina

Business Development Manager at WOW-HOW

Neal Bloom:

Social for community awareness and engagement in relevant content

Neal Bloom

Founder at Fresh Brewed Tech

Anthony Coppedge:

Though my background would suggest my work in content marketing would be the obvious answer, my favorite marketing area is building community. The so-called 'vanity metrics' have been such a focus on digital marketing that marketers often forget the people behind the metrics. While I love a good conversion-rate, I am more excited about a conversation rate where brands connect in meaningful and personalized ways to each and every user.

Anthony Coppedge

Agile Marketing Coach at Anthony Coppedge Consulting

Jonathan Payne:

Big fan of social and content marketing, but I also love the real bottom line results you can drive with paid search and SEO.

Jonathan Payne

CEO and Founder at JP Digital

Jason Denny:

This has to be PPC, pay-per-click, paid media, whatever name takes your fancy. I've been in the game now for 13 years and boy has the landscape changed over the years. Mostly for the better. To this day i love the fact that you can make a small change and the impact is immediate, what i like best is that in PPC we can present clear ROI to clients in a format they understand (typically £ € $!).

Jason Denny

Founder at Freelance PPC & Digital Marketing Consultant | Founder Kaffeine Digital

Lauren Downey:

Paid search, CRO, & analytics.

Lauren Downey

Paid Search Specialist at Mad Fish Digital

Aleksandra Milovanov:

Social media, of course.

Aleksandra Milovanov

Social Media Manager at Four Dots

Mark Miller:

I love working with onsite SEO. Making slight code and content changes, adding schema and alt tags to images and then seeing the site grow in the SERPs always makes me happy. Add the new opportunities with local results and the changing possibilities in social and seeing how one tug on the web raises or lowers the rest is really amazing.

Mark Miller

Owner at Firm Theory

Adam Torkildson:


Adam Torkildson

Founder at Tork Media

Chandra Kumar:

Building Sales Funnels...that's the core of marketing now and fun too...

Chandra Kumar

Founder & CEO at WiselyWise

Gee Ranasinha:

I don't have one - and don't want to have one. Every tactic has its place, but concentrating on the tactics instead of whatever the marketing engagement plan is meant to produce (i.e. the STRATEGY) is looking at things in the wrong order. If you have a favorite marketing tactic, you have a conscious or unconscious tendency to use that tactic regardless of the suitability for the particular client. When you REALLY like to use a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.

Gee Ranasinha


Katie Hulan:

I really enjoy working with people. Whether it's getting the chance to work on webinars with our current clients or co-marketing campaigns with our partners, I enjoy creating campaigns that deliver high value a result of this collaboration on real stories.

Katie Hulan

Marketing and Communications Manager at Indellient