Marketer Interviews

Why do you love marketing?

Julia Anishkina:

Marketers have the unique ability to decide what they would like to communicate, how they will communicate it and what channels they will use. It’s fantastic that marketers have the capability to brighten someone’s day with a cheery advertisement, inspire someone to purchase a good that will have a positive impact on them, or even scare a consumer into doing something that will better their life

Julia Anishkina

Business Development Manager at WOW-HOW

Neal Bloom:

I love experimenting and I love traction. I like seeing if something is working and then getting better at doing it.

Neal Bloom

Founder at Fresh Brewed Tech

Anthony Coppedge:

I like marketing; I love people. Marketing is simply having a message you want people to see and/or hear and act upon. People are why marketing exists, so while I appreciate the automation and machine learning inherent in professional marketing today, we must remember that there are people on both sides of the conversation and transaction. Perhaps my most favorite aspect of marketing is leading, coaching, and learning from teams of marketers who value the customer as part of valuing their craft.

Anthony Coppedge

Agile Marketing Coach at Anthony Coppedge Consulting

Jonathan Payne:

"Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two--and only two--basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business." -Peter Drucker That simple. Marketing is the lifeblood of a business. That doesn't mean other functional areas are irrelevant, but without marketing and innovation, a company makes zero dollars. I love having that level of influence. I also love working to provide legitimate solutions to problems people have and enjoy hearing the positive feedback when you offer a product or service that genuinely improves their lives.

Jonathan Payne

CEO and Founder at JP Digital

Jason Denny:

The buzz. You can make a change one minute and the results occur the next. I get a real kick out of success, and even more so when the success is for the client. As internet users we are often searching for a solution to a problem, be it a video on how to lay paving, looking for some new Nike trainers or a cheap hotel room in London. We are always engaging with marketing in one form or another, be it SEO, PPC or Social Media. Without marketing i believe solutions to our problems would be harder to find. So as a digital marketer, i like to think i'm helping someone with their problem.

Jason Denny

Founder at Freelance PPC & Digital Marketing Consultant | Founder Kaffeine Digital

Lauren Downey:

Three reasons: language, design, and data. As a language major, I've always been interested in the use of everyday language. In marketing, it's important to understand how people search for solutions and products and with Google Ads, I can do just that. I love uncovering phrases people type into Google that generate ad clicks, sales, and leads, all of which can help dictate ad copy and landing page messaging. I also love the creative and data aspect of marketing. Our design team creates beautiful landing pages, infographics, and videos that increase leads, sales and improves user experience. By tracking performance on design assets, I'm able to analyze user behavior and make recommendations for future design testing.

Lauren Downey

Paid Search Specialist at Mad Fish Digital

Aleksandra Milovanov:

You have so much opportunities to improve yourself and evolve.

Aleksandra Milovanov

Social Media Manager at Four Dots

Mark Miller:

The ability to help people find what they're looking for when they're looking for it is great. Being able to add something to a site and see it overtake the big firms with all the commercials is just fun.

Mark Miller

Owner at Firm Theory

Adam Torkildson:

I grew up pretending I was a scientist; I carried out many tests and experiments on my younger siblings. I continue to be fascinated by all the things I can test as a marketer, and make money at the same time.

Adam Torkildson

Founder at Tork Media

Chandra Kumar:

It just caught on to me ever since I got exposed at b-school. left me wondering - wow! this is how the whole world runs.

Chandra Kumar

Founder & CEO at WiselyWise

Gee Ranasinha:

I love helping and advising start-ups and small businesses on how to better articulate and present their business value to their target audience groups. We help clients in many ways - optimizing business processes, strategy, seeking funding, HR practices, pitching, and more. We're more than a marketing agency since we don't just do marketing.

Gee Ranasinha


Katie Hulan:

I love marketing as it's about people - about making connections, relationships and experiences. The marketing fundamentals haven't changed much but the way we connect has and continues to evolve quickly. I like the fast pace and opportunity to explore many different things.

Katie Hulan

Marketing and Communications Manager at Indellient

Georgi Todorov:

Because I can make a lot of money for couple of hours a day and travel all over the globe.

Georgi Todorov

Link Building & Blogger Outreach Specialist at NameDigitalNovas

Martin Quist:

I love the fact that it's like its own organism. And that results can vary from a day to day basis. That makes me be on my toes.

Martin Quist

Webb- & Social Media Manager at Frösunda Omsorg

Taru Bhargava:

What I love about my job is the ability to tell engaging stories, have a peek into the inside of so many businesses, identify the pain points of customers and then weave them into content that drives traffic and generates revenue. The best part? No two days are the same and there’s something new waiting for me every day. I can wake up and write blogs, create copy for landing pages or work on my side gig as the sun sets.

Taru Bhargava

Content Marketing & SEO Specialist at Foundation Marketing

Annali Wallin:

I love marketing because of the influence on the economy to drive more successful businesses but mostly because of the ability to make people feel emotions and positively. In a society that needs more positivity, it's satisfying to add even a touch of entertainment, ease and positive impact to someone else's day.

Annali Wallin

Marketing Manager & Customer Success Manager at Ocast

Dragan Berak:

Because I enjoy exploring behavior patterns and their impact on decision making.

Dragan Berak

SEO Consultant at dberak

Ayunda Zikrina:

It enables business to gain deeper insight about its most important stakeholders, customers. I have a background in psychology, and though it has nothing to do with marketing, but it's somehow connected in how I observe people's interaction with each other and actions toward the decision of choosing a service or buying a product.

Ayunda Zikrina

Social Media Specialist at Niagahoster

Alex Medick:

I love marketing because it is at the corner of art and science. You can use data to inform and methodologies to inform your tactics, but you have to use art and creativity to implement them. Also, to help take a client's idea and turn that into a reality with an audience that actually wants the product is incredible. Hell no, it's not easy. But I love it.

Alex Medick

Founder at The New Standard

Nikolay Terziev:

Marketing is all about relationships. That is what I most love about it. How it connects and solidifies consumers and companies.

Nikolay Terziev


Martin Raamat:

Because marketing is a mix of rocket science and creativity. There’s the technical side of gathering information, experimenting, measuring and analyzing data, and then there’s the creative side of advertising. In the end, you can see how one word or image can make or break a marketing campaign. We all hate it when a stranger knocks on our door and tries to sell us something we don’t need. Now imagine that someone who’s selling protective iPhone cases knocks on your door just 15 minutes after you’ve unboxed your new iPhone. What a coincidence? Good marketing gives you a great chance to find the right people, so you could sell them something they actually need.

Martin Raamat

Co-Founder / CEO at Mediamodifier

Darren Foong:

There's an assumption here that I love marketing - can we verify this? Also, I would rather be making pay like an investment banker. But nowhere else do you spend up to eight hours a day doing your best to persuade, assuage, convince, and exclude as many people as possible en masse using the power of words, and weave in opportunities for shameless self promotion, provocative language and self-deprecating humour.

Darren Foong

Growth Marketing at ReferralCandy

Kelly Ann Collins:

When I was a little kid you couldn't tweet your president, or DM your favorite cartoon character. Now, you can. And, to me, this interactivity, is amazing. Invigorating even!

Kelly Ann Collins

CEO at Vult Lab